• Secure Messaging

    Fully integrated, HIPAA compliant messaging so you can reach patients or colleagues in real-time on the devices they already carry in their pockets.

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  • Patient Video Consultations

    Conduct virtual consultations with your patients without buying expensive hardware or maintaining complex systems.

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  • Practice Communication

    Improve communication workflows within your practice by integrating HIPAA compliant messaging, audio calls, and live video meetings.

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More Features

  • Trusted

    Trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals across the country.

  • Configurable

    Every practice operates differently. TapCue is completely customizable to fit the unique needs of your practice.

  • Convenient

    Quickly and effectively collaborate in real-time with other healthcare providers and patients from anywhere, any time.

  • Secure

    We are strongly committed to protecting your data. All information is transferred and stored using enterprise grade encryption and compliant with HIPAA regulations.

  • Any Device

    TapCue works with devices you already own. We support iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac, and more.

  • Simple

    Our intuitive design requires little to no training. If you happen to have any questions, our friendly support staff is always ready to assist you.

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